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Info to help you with the Get Up & Move Challenge

Check out samples of how others have tracked their movements and find ideas to help you Get Up & Move!

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Ideas to help you Get Up & Move

Looking for inspiration to Get Up & Move?

Check these out!

"Staying Active While Working From Home"

This quick read from Penn Medicine shares tips and the why it's important to Get Up & Move!

"Small Ways to Stay Active and Moving When Working From Home"

Marina Khidekel, from Thrive Global   compiled a great list of small ways to stay active while working from home. Check them out below!

"Get Up and Move. It May Make You Happier."

Wanted to applaud and share this article (even though it was published in 2017) because it's sharing results from a University of Cambridge (England) study of 10k women and men that found "when people get up and move, even a little, they tend to be happier than when they are still." 

9 Insider Tips to Love Working from Home

This post by Get Up & Move collaborator, Jennifer Wolf, published in her blog, has great tips on how to get active as well as ideas on how to love working from home! (My current fav is #5!) Let me know what your fav is!

Your Coronavirus Work-From-Home Wellness Plan

Don't let the title scare you. This article is full of reminders and perhaps a few "new to you" ideas on how to maintain your health and peace of mind during this time and beyond. My favorite reminder, "Be gentle with yourself...." I also like the affirmation you'll feel better when you go outside. I've found that to be very true and try to make sure I get out every day--even if it's to the mailbox and back! Take care! And here's to getting up & moving!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get started? 
Get started by downloading your movement tracker here. 

Q. When does the Get Up & Move Challenge start and end?
The Get Up & Move Challenge starts on Mon., April 20 and ends on Wed., May 20. You can download your movement tracker beginning Fri., April 17th

What if I didn't get started on the 1st day - am I able to start at any time?
A. Yes, absolutely! Join the fun and start the challenge anytime!

Q. Who is sponsoring this?
A.  Addicted to Quiet and Celebrate! Work from Home are joining forces to offer this opportunity to anyone who'd like to join the challenge.

Q. What do I need to do to participate?
A. Download the tracker and get moving! ; ) Every time you take time to get up and move, color in a portion of your tracker. If you're taking time to color code your Monday - Friday tracker images at the bottom of the page, use the color you've selected for that day.

Q. Do my movements have to match the size of the area I color?
For example - do I need to do a longer distance or length of time for my movements to color the larger areas on the tracker?
A. You decide how you'd like to measure your movement. Whatever works best to motivate you to keep on moving, is the best way!

Q. What if I decide I want to start over on my tracker - am I able to download another?
A. Yes! Download as many as you'd like! And if you finish one tracker - congrats! Download another & keeping on moving with another!